Life Activation - is a 22 strand DNA activation. It works at a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual level. It awakens both your physical and spiritual DNA. To deepen your connection with spirit and your Higher Self. This healing fills your body with Light, and facilitates a process to help you to remove negative patterns and blocks, so that you can step forward in your power towards your true path and happiness. 90 minute session, includes reading. $250

Full Spirit Activation - is an activation for futher connection to your soul!

It involves awakening the Thalamus region (sometimes described as the Old Brain) and the Pituitary and Pineal Glands.  This further opens your senses and heightens your connection to self and the world around you. To increase your soul's connection to the physical body and deepen your brain's connection to your soul. This awakens a Divine connection of your true essence! (Pre-Req: Life Activation) $250

Crystal Healing -Twin reader crystals create a link between the reader and receiver, to give a deep insight into past, present and future energies that are affecting the receiver. This reading has been known to bring a great deal of clarity and healing to the receiver, while providing empowering guidance on the best course of action. 60 minutes, $100

Emotional Cord Release, Negative Energy Removal & Energy Clearing - 

is a healing session to reclaim your energy!  If you have recently ended a relationship of any kind  this session is for you! Assists with ending feeling drained by others energy. It will remove emotional cords so that you can move forward with your own energy. $165

Egyptian Aura Healing -This healing balances the energies within the 7 layers of the aura and the human body. This unique healing modality calls upon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and their knowledge of the dimensions and ratios of the physical and energetic bodies of human. $250

RA Healing - By accessing the ray of Ra, the Egyptian Sun God and Creator, this modality uses the source energy of creation to clear out your aura of unwanted lower vibrations that do not serve your best interest. It heals as it purifies your personal energy field, restoring its capacity to contain Light. The Ra healing places you in a protective seal which acts like a buffer between you and undesirable negative energies. To feel lighter, refreshed and revitalized. $250

Laying of Hands - The comfort of Christ and the Holy Virgin Mary. This powerful energy can be used to heal physical aches and pains as well as emotional trauma, stress and confusion. $90

Isis Healing - Using the energies of the Gods and Goddesses Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this healing is a rebirth in a realignment of your emotional body to bring more vitality in your everyday life. $250

Jikiden Reiki - flowing energy using Universal life force, balancing energy within for relaxation and healing. This healing can be done for both physical and emotional concerns. Experience reiki in its original form and simplicity. 60 minutes $75, 90 minutes $105