Empower Thyself: Teachings & Initiation            ~ Modern Mystery School















For thousands of years people have been seeking the mystery school tradition for more in their lives, for true wisdom, understanding, passion, and JOY!


The Modern Mystery School and Empower Thyself Class and Initiation is a path for constantly growing and learning your unique true human potential. 


Join us for this amazingly powerful two day class in which you will learn ancient lineage mystery school teachings of empowerment about how you are a part of this world.


You will be able to look within yourself to awaken who you truly are, unlock those answers within you, awaken you to knowledge and truth that has been dormant within you, and be handed down rituals to use on a daily basis - to protect your energy.


At the end of the two day class you will receive the initiation which brings protection and 10 times more light to help align you with your truth and purpose. This is when a new path and journey will begin for you, with the support of tools handed down, and a community you will be joining.


Topics Covered over 2 days:

1. The origins of the universe and brief history of the school (over 3000 year lineage).

2. Why are we here and what is our true potential.

3. Receive the Keys to deeper knowledge.

4. Progression of humans.

5. Tools for protection and to stand in your divinity.

6. And soooo much more!


And Includes:

1. 2 day class

2. Initiation into Lineage

3. Rituals for Daily Protection

4. Life Activation Healing Session – personal, private 90 minute healing session required before the class.

5. Max Meditation System TM Class

6. Crystal Healing Session